Tuesday, September 28, 2010

F.C. Copenhagen arrived on Tor Air Boeing 737-400 registered SE-RJA

F.C. Copenhagen arrived today in Athens to play a Champions League match against Panathinaikos. The team arrived on a Tor Air Boeing 737-400 registered SE-RJA from CPH (Copenhagen, Denmark) at 13:45L.

Boeing 737-400 / SE-RJA / arriving in Athens from Copenhagen

Friday, September 24, 2010

Aircraft traffic over Hellenic airspace on a time lapse movie

Here is a small time lapse video that was created from pictures taken from www.rdrinfo.net and show the aircraft traffic over the Hellenic airspace on a 14 hour period. The goal was to create a 24 hour time lapse movie but unfortunately after 16:00L there was a problem with connection to the website. In the movie you can clearly see the movement of the aircrafts on specific airways, the departures and arrivals in Athens, Thessaloniki and Rhodes airport and more!
Thanks a lot to www.rdrinfo.net for the great service to all the aviation enthusiasts! Keep up the good work!

Enough with the details, here is the movie:

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hellenic Imperial Boeing 747-200 registered SX-TIE departed to KHI

Hellenic Imperial Boeing 747-200 registered SX-TIE departed today at 12:15L as IMP311P to KHI (Karachi, Pakistan)

Boeing 747-200 / SX-TIE / departing from rwy 03R to KHI

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Air Europa Airbus A330-200 registered EC-JQQ in Athens

Air Europa's Airbus A330-200 registered EC-JQQ arrived yesterday in Athens on a charter flight from MAD (Madrid, Spain) as UX847.

Thanks to Panagiotis Pietris for the photo:
Airbus A330-200 / EC-JQQ / arriving from MAD

Monday, September 20, 2010

Turkish Airlines special 2010 FIBA World Championship B738 registered TC-JHF in Athens

Turkish Airlines Boeing 737-800 registered TC-JHF that is painted in the special 2010 FIBA World Championship arrived today in Athens on the scheduled IST-ATH afternoon flight.

Boeing 737 / TC-JHF / about to land on rwy 03L

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Skywings International Boeing 737-300 (winglets) registered Z3-AAJ in Athens

Skywings International Boeing 737-300 (with winglets) registered Z3-AAJ arrived today in Athens from SPU (Split, Croatia) as flight FLM302.

Boeing 737 / Z3-AAJ / about to land on rwy 03R

Today's special movements page

As of today I will be starting to post all the important movements of each day for Athens airport on a page, so people to know in advance what to expect. Unfortunately these info are not available many hours in advance so you would have to check back regularly.

You can access the page at anytime by clicking the "Today's special movements - DATE_HERE @ UPDATE_TIME_HERE(L)" that you see below the blog's header or by following this links:

or shorter

The page will be updated whenever new info come for an upcoming special movement and the page title would be changed with the new updated time so that you know when there is something new posted. The previous day's movements would be kept for one more day at the end of the post. This service is still in beta and might be stopped at any time.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Lufthansa B747-400M registered D-ABTC on the Frankfurt-Athens flight

The scheduled LH 3382/3383 Lufthansa flight from FRA (Frankfurt, Germany) to Athens was operated today, out of a sudden, by a Boeing Boeing 747-430M registered D-ABTC instead of the usual Airbus A321! If I am not mistaken this is the first Lufthansa B747 to visit Athens airport.

Boeing 747 / D-ABTC / departing from rwy 03R back to Frankfurt

Friday, September 3, 2010

U2 arrived in Athens on Blue Line MD-83 registered F-GMKL

U2 arrived in Athens from NCE (Nice, France) on a Blue Line MD-83 registered F-GMKL as BLE910. The plane landed at 17:05L on runway 03L and the band left the airport on 6 limos for the place where the concert will be held tonight.

MD-83 / F-GMLK / U2 arriving in Athens

Extra present to the U2 fans, a picture of Bono as he was leaving on one of the limos:

Live broadcast of U2 plane arrival in Athens airport (Blue Line MD-83 F-GMLK)

This is going to be an attempt to broadcast live the arrival of U2 in Athens onboard the Blue Line MD-83 registered F-GMLK that they use for their flights throughout the European portion of the "360" tour.
The plane is scheduled to arrive around 17:15L in Athens airport and to land on runway 03R. Through the embedded player below you can watch live the arrival of the plane. The broadcast will begin a few minutes before the landing of the plane. The exact time of the broadcast will be posted on our twitter page along with a link to this post in order to be able to see it. If you don't see the live stream at that time, try to refresh the page by hitting F5.

Live streaming of U2 plane arrival in Athens