Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Aeolian Airlines MD-83 registered SX-BTM

Aeolian Airlines, a new start up carrier in Greece, got its first MD-83 painted in the company colors today. The MD-83 registered SX-BTM (ex Sky Wings), arrived in Athens on September 29th from IST (Istanbul, Turkey) with AOL11P callsign, in all white c/s and had the Aeolian Airlines titles and stickers applied on it today.

Photo from the Athens International Airport movements facebook page.
MD-83 / SX-BTM / Aeolian Airlines stickers just applied

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sky Wings MD-82 registered SX-BTL in Athens

Sky Wings MD-82 registered SX-BTL (c/n 53232, ex N598BC) was in Athens today, after a long time. In front of the plane's open cargo doors there were around 32 passenger seats which, according to some rumors, are to be used to replace some old seats in another MD-83 to be used by start up carrier Aeolian Airlines.

MD-82 / SX-BTL / parked in ATH

Thursday, October 6, 2011

German Air Force Airbus A340 registered 16+02 in Athens

German Air Force Airbus A340-313X (c/n 355, ex D-AIFB) registered 1602 (16+02) arrived today in Athens bringing the Vice Chancellor of Germany / Federal Minister of Economics and Technology Mr Rösler along with a large delegation of German businessmen. The plane arrived as GAF838 and landed at 18:50L on runway 21R. The plane's ModeS code was 3E89E7.

Airbus A340 / 16+02 / about to land on runway 21R