Wednesday, November 23, 2011

USAF Lockheed C5-B Galaxy first time in Athens

A Lockheed C-5B Galaxy made its first visit today in Athens! The flight, RCH478, from RMS (Ramstein, Germany) was operated by the 87-0036 (c/n 500-122) and landed at 13:35L on runway 03L. It brings stuff that will be needed to prepare the official visit of the Vice President of the USA in early December and more C-5 flights are expected in the coming days.

Lockheed C-5B Galaxy / 87-0036 / a C-5 about to land for first time in Athens

Lockheed C-5B Galaxy / 87-0036 / taxing in front of Athens airport tower

A video of the arrival can be found here:
(Thanks to Vasilis!)

Meelad MD-83 registered SX-BPP in United Airways colors (to become S2-AFV)

Meelad Air MD-83 registered SX-BPP (c/n 53377) returned from WOE (Woensdrecht, Germany) where it was painted in United Airways colors, via ARN (Stockholm, Sweden), to Athens on November 10th. It arrived as MLW433 at 20:00L and since then it is parked in the satellite terminal waiting for its departure to DAC (Dhaka, Bangladesh) via AUH (Abu Dhabi, UAE). It will be reregistered as S2-AFV and operate for United Airways in Bangladesh.

MD-83 / SX-BPP / parked in the satellite terminal waiting its departure to Dhaka