Thursday, June 30, 2011

Saudi Arabia Boeing 747-SP registered HZ-AIJ in Athens

A Saudi Arabian Royal Flight operated by the Boeing 747-SP registered HS-AIJ arrived today in ATH from Riyadh AB in Saudi Arabia. The flight, SVA001C, landed at 20:00L on rwy 21R. This is only the fourth 747-SP to ever land in Athens airport (the others being Corsair F-GTOM, United Arab Emirates A6-SMR and Iran Air EP-IAC). It is schedule to depart tomorrow around 15:00L

Boeing 747-SP / HZ-AIJ / about to land on rwy 21R in Athens

Boeing 747-SP / HZ-AIJ / on taxiway "H" of Athens towards it parking stand

You can see a video of its departure from Athens on 01/07/2011 here:
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