Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Greenjet Airbus A321 registered SX-GRN seen all white in Budapest

Greenjet's Airbus A321 registered SX-GRN (msn 597, ex B-MAR) was seen last week in BUD (Budapest, Hungary) parked outside the Lufthansa Technik hangar all white.

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Greenjet / A321 / SX-GRN parked in BUD

Monday, June 24, 2013

Aerospace One took delivery of their first B742 registered SX-ASC in Athens

Newly established Greek cargo airline Aerospace One took today delivery in Athens of their first Boeing 747-21AC(M), registered SX-ASC (ex AP-BIB, c/n 23652). The flight arrived at 19:20L as SX-ASC (although in the transpoder it was showing as RAB304) from CGK (Jakarta, Indonesia) via SHJ (Dubai, UAE) and landed on runway 21L. The company will be based in CHR (Chateauroux, France) and will operate a mix of ACMI and charter services.

Aerospace One / B747-200 / SX-ASC about to land on rwy 21L
Aerospace One / B747-200 / SX-ASC touchdown on rwy 21L

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Greenjet to take delivery of their first A321s registered SX-GRN and SX-GRO

Greenjet is to take delivery of their first A321s registered SX-GRO (msn 557, ex B-MAB) and SX-GRN (msn 597, ex B-MAR). Both are Airbus A321-131s and are currently in Hungary. SX-GRN was initially to be taken up by a first A320 (msn 407, ex N407BV) that the company had brought to Athens, but that plane never got the registration and eventually ended to Aviatrans as UR-CKR.

Edited 20/6/2013 16:55Z: SX-GRN was initially to be taken up by their first A320, not SX-GRO as it was written. Sorry for the typo.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Aegean Airlines latest A320 registered SX-DGK in Athens (still SX-OAQ on reg tape)

Aegean Airlines took delivery of the ex Olympic Air A320 registered SX-OAQ. The plane was painted in Aegean Airlines colors in DNR (Dinard, France) and arrived back in Athens in April 24th as OAL102P. Under the SX-OAQ tape, there is the new registration that it will soon take upon entering service and as expected is the SX-DGK.

Aegean Airlines / A320 / SX-OAQ tape with SX-DGK under it.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Dismantling of Olympic Airlines Airbus A340-313X SX-DFA in Athens

Ex Olympic Airlines Airbus A340-313X SX-DFA (c/n 235) was dismantled (scrapped) in Athens during the previous 2 weeks. Below is a timelapse video of the process:

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The dismantling of the next ex Olympic Airlines A340, SX-DFB, has also begun and is expected to have finished by the end of April 2013. The rest of the A340s (SX-DFC & SX-DFD) await their fate in the airport.