Wednesday, November 23, 2011

USAF Lockheed C5-B Galaxy first time in Athens

A Lockheed C-5B Galaxy made its first visit today in Athens! The flight, RCH478, from RMS (Ramstein, Germany) was operated by the 87-0036 (c/n 500-122) and landed at 13:35L on runway 03L. It brings stuff that will be needed to prepare the official visit of the Vice President of the USA in early December and more C-5 flights are expected in the coming days.

Lockheed C-5B Galaxy / 87-0036 / a C-5 about to land for first time in Athens

Lockheed C-5B Galaxy / 87-0036 / taxing in front of Athens airport tower

A video of the arrival can be found here:
(Thanks to Vasilis!)

Meelad MD-83 registered SX-BPP in United Airways colors (to become S2-AFV)

Meelad Air MD-83 registered SX-BPP (c/n 53377) returned from WOE (Woensdrecht, Germany) where it was painted in United Airways colors, via ARN (Stockholm, Sweden), to Athens on November 10th. It arrived as MLW433 at 20:00L and since then it is parked in the satellite terminal waiting for its departure to DAC (Dhaka, Bangladesh) via AUH (Abu Dhabi, UAE). It will be reregistered as S2-AFV and operate for United Airways in Bangladesh.

MD-83 / SX-BPP / parked in the satellite terminal waiting its departure to Dhaka

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Aeolian Airlines MD-83 registered SX-BTM

Aeolian Airlines, a new start up carrier in Greece, got its first MD-83 painted in the company colors today. The MD-83 registered SX-BTM (ex Sky Wings), arrived in Athens on September 29th from IST (Istanbul, Turkey) with AOL11P callsign, in all white c/s and had the Aeolian Airlines titles and stickers applied on it today.

Photo from the Athens International Airport movements facebook page.
MD-83 / SX-BTM / Aeolian Airlines stickers just applied

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sky Wings MD-82 registered SX-BTL in Athens

Sky Wings MD-82 registered SX-BTL (c/n 53232, ex N598BC) was in Athens today, after a long time. In front of the plane's open cargo doors there were around 32 passenger seats which, according to some rumors, are to be used to replace some old seats in another MD-83 to be used by start up carrier Aeolian Airlines.

MD-82 / SX-BTL / parked in ATH

Thursday, October 6, 2011

German Air Force Airbus A340 registered 16+02 in Athens

German Air Force Airbus A340-313X (c/n 355, ex D-AIFB) registered 1602 (16+02) arrived today in Athens bringing the Vice Chancellor of Germany / Federal Minister of Economics and Technology Mr Rösler along with a large delegation of German businessmen. The plane arrived as GAF838 and landed at 18:50L on runway 21R. The plane's ModeS code was 3E89E7.

Airbus A340 / 16+02 / about to land on runway 21R

Friday, September 16, 2011

Astraeus B757 registered G-STRX in Iron Maiden colors in Athens

Astraeus Boeing 757-200 registered G-STRX arrived today in Athens for flight AEU763 from LGW (London, UK). The plane is painted in the Iron Maiden colors for the "Final Frontier World Tour 2011" and is named "Ed Force One". The captain of the flight was of course, Bruce Dickinson himself! The plane landed at 16:15L on runway 03R and departed at 18:15 from the same runway back to LGW.

Boeing 757 / G-STRX / Ed Force One about to land on runway 03R

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Saudi Arabia Boeing 747-SP registered HZ-AIJ in Athens

A Saudi Arabian Royal Flight operated by the Boeing 747-SP registered HS-AIJ arrived today in ATH from Riyadh AB in Saudi Arabia. The flight, SVA001C, landed at 20:00L on rwy 21R. This is only the fourth 747-SP to ever land in Athens airport (the others being Corsair F-GTOM, United Arab Emirates A6-SMR and Iran Air EP-IAC). It is schedule to depart tomorrow around 15:00L

Boeing 747-SP / HZ-AIJ / about to land on rwy 21R in Athens

Boeing 747-SP / HZ-AIJ / on taxiway "H" of Athens towards it parking stand

You can see a video of its departure from Athens on 01/07/2011 here:
(You have to log in to facebook first!)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Emirates Airbus A380 registered A6-EDK on medical diversion to Athens

An Emirates Airbus A380 performing flight EK017 from DXB (Dubai, UAE) to MAN (Manchester, UK) had to divert to Athens today due to a medical emergency. According to the pilot's transmission a 47 year old female passenger had a stroke while enroute near Istanbul on FL380 and the pilots chose to divert to Athens. This is the first ever A380 visit to Athens and as expected a lot of people had gathered to watch its arrival and departure. The plane, registration A6-EDK, landed at 12:20L on runway 21L and taxied to gate A13. Two hours later, it departed from Athens and continued its journey towards Manchester.

Airbus A380 / A6-EDK / first touchdown of an A380 in Athens

Airbus A380 / A6-EDK / slowing down on runway 21L

Airbus A380 / A6-EDK / taking of from runway 21L

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Brazilian Air Force planes registered 2592, 2591, 2590 and 2101 in Athens

In the past 3 days there had been a lot of Brazilian Air Force movements in the airport of Athens, probably due to the visit of the President of Brazil to Greece. The President of Brazil arrived today on an Airbus A319 of the Brazilian Air Force, registered FAB2101. The flight BSR01 from NAT (Natal, Brazil) landed at 16:30L on runway 21R and taxied to the VIP stand for the officials to disembark, before being towed to stand A39 of the satellite terminal.
The past three days 2 Embraer VC-2s (military version of the ERJ-190s) arrived in Athens. One of those departed to DKR (Dakar, Senegal) and the other one remains parked in Athens since its arrival. Those were the FAB2590 and FAB2591.
In addition to those two, a third one arrived today at 19:05 from DKR. This was registered FAB2592. Its a very new plane that the Brazilian Air Force has leased from Embraer in order to be used as a reserve because the two VC-2s will be temporarily out of service soon due to cabin interior modifications. Its previous registration was PT-SDD, its c/n is 19000177 and is a ERJ-190BJ Lineage 1000.

Embraer ERJ-190BJ / 2592 / about to land on rwy 21R of Athens

Airbus A319 (VC-1) / 2101 / about to land on rwy 03R of Athens

Embraer ERJ-190 / 2591 / about to land on rwy 03R of Athens

Embraer ERJ-190 / 2590 / about to land on rwy 03R of Athens

Monday, April 4, 2011

Thomson Boeing 757-200 registered G-OOBI diverted to Athens due to bomb threat

A Thomson Boeing 757-200 registered G-OOBI, performing flight BY226 from Bristol (UK) to Sharm el Sheikh (Egypt), diverted to Athens after a bomb threat was received. The plane landed safely at around 15:00L and was parked in a special remote stand in order to be inspected. The flight, with 213 passengers on board, is expected to continue later this evening for Sharm el Sheikh.

Boeing 757 / G-OOBI / parked and inspected in a remote position in Athens

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Aegean Airlines Airbus A320 registered SX-OAP arrived in Athens

The second Airbus A320 that Aegean Airlines will be taking from Olympic Air, still registered as SX-OAP, arrived in Athens today from NWI (Norwich, UK) where it was painted. As with the previous A320, SX-OAS, this one also has the "Visit Greece" website title on the left aft part of the fuselage. The flight arrived as OAL006P and landed on runway 03R at 16:50L. As with SX-OAS that is expected to be re-registered as SX-DGC, this one is expected to be re-registered as SX-DGD.

Airbus A320 / SX-OAP / about to land on runway 03R

Second ex Olympic Air Airbus A320 to be painted in Aegean Airlines colors (SX-OAP)

The second ex Olympic Air Airbus A320 registered SX-OAP was painted today in Aegean Airlines colors in Norwich. As the previous one, SX-OAS, this has also the "Visit Greece" website titles on the left aft part of the fuselage.

Thanks to Keith for the following photo.
Airbus A320 / SX-OAP / just painted in Aegean Airlines colors

Thanks to Paul for the following photo.
Airbus A320 / SX-OAP / last photo of SX-OAP on Olympic Air colors, moments before entering the paintshop (photo taken 17/3/2011)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Aegean Airlines Airbus A320 registered SX-OAS arrived in Athens

Ex Olympic Air Airbus A320 registered SX-OAS that is now painted on Aegean Airlines colors and additional Visit Greece website titles, arrived today in Athens from Norwich. The flight with callsign OAL006P landed at 17:45L on runway 21R. After landing the plane was parked in the Olympic Air hangar. Unfortunately the Visit Greece website titles are not on both sides (only on left side), so they are not visible on this picture.

Airbus A320 / SX-OAS / about to land on rwy 21R

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

ex Olympic Air A320 registered SX-OAS received Aegean Airlines colors today

Ex Olympic Air Airbus A320 registered SX-OAS received yesterday (15/3/2011) the Aegean Airlines colors, as expected. In addition to the basic Aegean Airlines livery, the Greek Tourism Organisation website ( is added on the aft part of the fuselage. This was probably due to a recent agreement that Aegean Airlines and the Greek Tourism Organisation signed in order to promote Greece to the destinations that are served by the airline.

Thanks to Keith for the following photo.
Airbus A320 / SX-OAS / just received its new colors in Norwich

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Olympic Air Airbus A320 registered SX-OAS departed to Norwich to be painted

Olympic Air Airbus A320 registered SX-OAS (c/n 4094), departed today around 7am as OA003P for NWI (Norwich, UK) where it will be painted to its new colors and delivered to a new customer, who will be, according to some sources, their "competitor" in Greece -Aegean Airlines-. According to a latest Olympic Air press statement, 6 Airbus planes will leave their fleet very soon. Sources say that 3 or maybe 4 of them, will go to Aegean Airlines.

Thanks to Keith for the following photo.
Airbus A320 / SX-OAS / a few minutes before entering the Air Livery hangar in Norwich

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Egyptair Boeing 777-300 registered SU-GDN diverted to Athens due to bomb threat

Egyptair flight MS778 from LHR (London, UK) to CAI (Cairo, Egypt) diverted to Athens yesterday due to a bomb threat that was received. The plane landed at 20:40L in Athens where it was inspected by the bomb squad. Since no signs of explosive devices were found, the plane was cleared to continue to Cairo but since it was already late in the night the flight was scheduled for today. The plane, a Boeing 777-300 registered SU-GDN, departed at 13:20L from runway 03R.

Boeing 777-300 / SU-GDN / about to depart from rwy 03R

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Armenia Government Airbus A319CJ registered EK-RA01 in Athens

The president of the Republic of Armenia is on an official visit to Greece and arrived yesterday morning on the Armenia Government Airbus A319CJ registered EK-RA01. The plane is parked in Athens airport since then, waiting for the departure flight back to Armenia on Thursday noon.

Airbus A319CJ / EK-RA01 / parked in Athens airport