Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Emirates Airbus A380 registered A6-EDK on medical diversion to Athens

An Emirates Airbus A380 performing flight EK017 from DXB (Dubai, UAE) to MAN (Manchester, UK) had to divert to Athens today due to a medical emergency. According to the pilot's transmission a 47 year old female passenger had a stroke while enroute near Istanbul on FL380 and the pilots chose to divert to Athens. This is the first ever A380 visit to Athens and as expected a lot of people had gathered to watch its arrival and departure. The plane, registration A6-EDK, landed at 12:20L on runway 21L and taxied to gate A13. Two hours later, it departed from Athens and continued its journey towards Manchester.

Airbus A380 / A6-EDK / first touchdown of an A380 in Athens

Airbus A380 / A6-EDK / slowing down on runway 21L

Airbus A380 / A6-EDK / taking of from runway 21L

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