Saturday, April 9, 2011

Brazilian Air Force planes registered 2592, 2591, 2590 and 2101 in Athens

In the past 3 days there had been a lot of Brazilian Air Force movements in the airport of Athens, probably due to the visit of the President of Brazil to Greece. The President of Brazil arrived today on an Airbus A319 of the Brazilian Air Force, registered FAB2101. The flight BSR01 from NAT (Natal, Brazil) landed at 16:30L on runway 21R and taxied to the VIP stand for the officials to disembark, before being towed to stand A39 of the satellite terminal.
The past three days 2 Embraer VC-2s (military version of the ERJ-190s) arrived in Athens. One of those departed to DKR (Dakar, Senegal) and the other one remains parked in Athens since its arrival. Those were the FAB2590 and FAB2591.
In addition to those two, a third one arrived today at 19:05 from DKR. This was registered FAB2592. Its a very new plane that the Brazilian Air Force has leased from Embraer in order to be used as a reserve because the two VC-2s will be temporarily out of service soon due to cabin interior modifications. Its previous registration was PT-SDD, its c/n is 19000177 and is a ERJ-190BJ Lineage 1000.

Embraer ERJ-190BJ / 2592 / about to land on rwy 21R of Athens

Airbus A319 (VC-1) / 2101 / about to land on rwy 03R of Athens

Embraer ERJ-190 / 2591 / about to land on rwy 03R of Athens

Embraer ERJ-190 / 2590 / about to land on rwy 03R of Athens

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