Sunday, April 5, 2009

Air France 1532 emergency landing in Athens

Air France flight 1532 from CDG (Paris, France) to ATH had a problem with hydraulics while on final approach for landing and had to carry out a missed approach procedure. The plane then came back and did a safe landing but had to stop on the runway upon landing. Fire trucks, ambulances and airport rescue cars were waiting on the taxiway. Both engines were shutted down and a tug truck was used to help the plane vacate the runway and guide it to it's stand. The flight was operated by an Airbus A320 registered F-GHQK.

Update 7/4/2009
169 people were onboard the flight. The return flight was cancelled and the plane departed without passengers the next day at 08:00L as AF390V heading back to CDG (Paris, France). A video of the climb out on the missed approach procedure is also available below.

Update 8/4/2009
The problem was with the green hydraulic system which was lost during the gears extension prior to landing on runway 03L. The plane then executed a go around but the loss of this system prevented the gears from being retracted during the missed approach procedue (as seen in the video) because the gear retraction mechanism is operated by that hydraulic system.

Thanks to Alex for the photos and Vasilis for the video

Airbus A320 / F-GHQK / just vacated 03R on D9 and shut down the engines

Airbus A320 / F-GHQK / preparing to be towed to stand A44 for disembarkation and a thorough technical check

Airbus A320 / F-GHQK / during the climb on the missed approach procedure


  1. fellows,I cant see the video because is private.I would be grateful if you could fix that.

  2. The video will be back up shortly, probably in the morning.. Sorry about that!