Monday, October 12, 2009

KLM "Tour of Inspiration" truck in Athens today

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines are celebrating their 90th anniversary this year and throughout the year they organize promotional events in various places in Europe. Such an event is the "Tour of Inspiration", a around the Europe tour of the fully-furnished KLM truck. Today the truck arrived in Athens and was parked in Athens International Airport at the departures level, towards the end of the terminal. It was open to the public from 13:00L to 17:00L. It then departed for its next destination, Milan. Thanks to the friendly KLM stuff, some pictures of the exterior and interior of the truck can be seen below. KLM was founded on 7 October 1919 and has been flying ever since under the same name. This also makes KLM the oldest airline in the world still operating under its original name. You can check the route of the KLM truck on the official "Tour of Inspiration" website here:

KLM - Boeing - European Tour of Inspiration banner on the departures level in Athens (photo 12/10/2009)

KLM truck exterior view from the side entrance (photo 12/10/2009)

KLM truck exterior view from the back (photo 12/10/2009)

KLM Truck interior with red comfortable chairs to watch the KLM history video (photo 12/10/2009)

KLM truck interior wall with photos, on board offered items and other KLM merchandise (photo 12/10/2009)

KLM truck interior with a sample set of 6 seats in 3 rows demonstrating the comfortable seat pitch and on-seat IFE (photo 12/10/2009)

KLM truck interior with the front part of the truck being converted to an "on board suite" with 2 fully reclining seats and the first class comfort of KLM planes (photo 12/9/2009)

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