Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Strange Boeing 727-200/Adv(F) registered 5Y-GMA arrived as AKQ456 in Athens

Updated 24/11/2010 11:50L

A Boeing 727-200/Adv(F) registered 5Y-GMA arrived last night in Athens as AKQ456, probably from LXR (Luxor, Egypt). The plane landed at 20:35Z (22:35L) on runway 21R. This plane had filled several times in the past a flight plan from LXR to Athens but the flight was subsequently cancelled every time (that's why the speculation about its origin this time). Since this plane hadn't appeared in the past anywhere under this registration, it is yet uncertain which B72F this is. Most probably though it is c/n 21930 (ex N740DH), which was cancelled from FAA registry on 02/09/2010 and exported to Kenya.

The flight was operated by Aerospace Consortium International, a Kenyan based air operator.

Thanks to Alex for the photo.
Boeing 727-200/Adv(F) / 5Y-GMA / parked in Athens' southern apron

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