Friday, June 5, 2009

Elite Airlines Boeing 747 registered SX-DCB coming to Athens

Last updated 6/6 09:50

Elite Airlines Boeing 747SR-81(F) registered SX-DCB is scheduled to arrive in ATH today at 15:00L from CGK (Jakarta, Indonesia) via THR (Tehran, Iran). It was in CGK for heavy maintenance with GMF-Aeroasia (see post) and was seen on Wednesday being towed from the GMF hangar to a ramp near Terminal 2.

Update 5/6 17:30
There was an indefinite delay on the arrival of the plane. It is yet unknown when exactly it will be arriving but it should happen in the coming days.

Update 6/6 09:50
It arrived late last night at 04:35L from THR, calling as SX-DCB. Photo available (see post)

Thanks to Arimi Raldi for the following picture.

Boeing 747 / SX-DCB / being towed from hangar to a ramp in CGK on 3/6/2009

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