Monday, July 6, 2009

Boeing 727 (VP-BAB), Boeing 737-200 (OD-LMB) and Airbus A320 (YL-BBC) in Athens today

Three special visitors for today in Athens:
1) A Boeing 727-76 registered VP-BAB
2) The second Boeing 737-200 of Flying Carpet (second ever time in Athens) registered OD-LMB
3) A hybrid A320 of Smartlynx registered YL-BBC, wearing LAT Charter colors with Hellas Jet logo on engine and Smartlynx titles

Boeing 727 / VP-BAB / departing from rwy 03R for LTN (photo 6/7/2009)

Boeing 737-200 / OD-LMB / departing from rwy 03R as MED802 (photo 6/7/2009)

Airbus A320 / YL-BBC / nice hybrid with a little of Smartlynx, Hellas Jet and LAT charter on it

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