Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sky Wings will take delivery of third MD-83 registered SX-BTM

Sky Wings is about to take delivery of their third MD-83 which will arrive from ARN (Stockholm, Sweden). Prior to Sky Wings, it was used by Primera Air registered as TF-JXC. It is scheduled to arrive in ATH under the TF-JXC registration (sticker over the Greek one) and will be reregistered to SX-BTM upon arrival. Since 22/6/2009 it was in a hangar in ARN being painted to Sky Wings colors. It is said that currenty no tail logo will be applied. It is configured in all economy class of 175 seats and will be based in RHO (Rhodes, Greece). Will be used mainly in routes to France, Italy and Belgium and will do night stops in HER (Heraklion, Greece), AOK (Karpathos, Greece) or ATH.
Thanks to Ola Carlsson ( for the following photo.

MD-83 / TF-JXC / in hangar at ARN having Sky Wings logo applied on the fuselage

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