Friday, July 17, 2009

JAL Boeing 747 registered JA8086 and White Airbus A310 registered CS-TKI in Athens

Two special visitors arrived in ATH yesterday evening on charter flights. The first one was a JAL - Japan Airlines Boeing 747 registered JA8086 that arrived from NRT (Narita, Japan), the first ever JAL airplane to land in ATH. The second was a White Airways Airbus A310 registered as CS-TKI arriving from LIS (Lisbon, Portugal).

Thanks to Vasilis for the video.

Boeing 747 / JA8086 / first time in ATH, landing on rwy 03L
Airbus A310 / CS-TKI / about to depart from runway 03L

Thanks to Alex for the photos.

Boeing 747 / JA8086 / departing from rwy 03R to NGO (Nagoya, Japan)

Airbus A310 / CS-TKI / taxiing in ATH after arrival on a charter flight from LIS

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