Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Atlant-Soyuz flights between Moscow and Athens

Atlant-Soyuz will operate 2 flights per week between Moscow (VKO) and Athens using either one of its two Boeing B737-300 or its single B737-800 (Flights have already been introduced). Service operates till 21OCT09.

Schedule is as follows :

37 VKO0800 - 1040ATH 7B335
37 ATH1140 - 1625VKO 7B336

Mandarin Airlines Fokker 100 registered B-12296 in Athens

Mandarin Airlines (AE/MDA) returned to lessor (AerCap) the Fokker 100 registered B-12296 that they had been using since August 2004 and Athens was part of its ferry flight route. It arrived on Sunday (28/6/2009) at 15:30L from LCA (Larnaca, Cyprus) and departed on Monday morning (29/6/2009) for EIN (Eindhoven, Netherlands).
Thanks to Alex for the photo.

Fokker 100 / B-12296 / taxiing for departure from ATH

Monday, June 29, 2009

Last Lufthansa flight to/from Athens with Airbus A300

Lufthansa performed today it's last schedule flight to/from Athens with the Airbus A300 plane. It was flight LH 3382/3383 from/to FRA (Frankfurt, Germany). From now on, all flights of Lufthansa will be operated with Airbus A320/A321 planes, as the A300s are being retired. The A300 has been used by Lufthansa in ATH/LGAV airport since it's opening in 2001 and as the pilot said on his last departure "it has been always a pleasure to fly to Athens, thank you all". The last ever flight of a Lufthansa Airbus A300 is scheduled to be LH 3853 from FCO (Rome, Italy) to FRA on July 1st 2009.

Airbus A300B4-600 / D-AIAM / last arrival ever for LH A300 in ATH, about to land on rwy 03L

Airbus A300B4-600 / D-AIAM / last departure ever for LH A300 from ATH, just took of from rwy 03R

Thai Crown Prince Boeing 737-400 registered HS-CMV on a fuel stop in Athens (2)

Thailand Air Force Boeing 737-400 registered HS-CMV / 11-111 / 90410 that is used by the Thai Royal Family made a fuel stop in Athens on its way back to Thailand from MUC (Munich, Germany) where it was based since 31/5/2009 (see post). It arrived at 16:15L as TG904V and was scheduled to depart an hour later.

Boeing 737-400 / HS-CMV / about to land on rwy 03L on a fuel stop in ATH

Thursday, June 25, 2009

ex Aegean Boeing 737 registered SX-BGS going to Air Dominicana

Last updated 30/6/2009 01:30

Ex Aegean Boeing 737-400 registered SX-BGS that was parked in AMS (Amsterdam, Netherlands) since February 2009, is getting ready to be delivered to Air Dominicana (ED/RDO) which is the flag carrier of Dominican Republic. During the previous days, the plane was in Hangar 10 in AMS and had taken the full colors of Air Dominicana. It did a test flight on Monday 22/6/2009 as A3002T over the North Sea. Delivery route is said to be AMS - SID (Sal Island, Cape Verde) - REC (Recife, Brazil) - SDQ (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic). Upon delivery it is expected to operate on the SDQ - JFK (New York, USA) route from 1/8/2009.

Update 25/6/2009 18:55
The next registration of the plane will be N279AD.

Update 25/6/2009 22:05
Added another photo of the plane while taxiing in AMS.

Update 27/6/2009 19:55
Plane was reregistered yesterday to N279AD and is expected to depart some time next week. Added 2 photos of the plane with the new registration.

Update 30/6/2009 01:30
Added 1 photo of the plane parked in AMS waiting to be ferried sometime this week.

Thanks to MAS017 for the following photos.

Boeing 737 / SX-BGS / having blue patches on the tail and engines (photo 17/6/2009)

Boeing 737 / SX-BGS / fuselage, tail and engine titles and logos were applied (photo 20/6/2009)

Boeing 737 / SX-BGS / ready for its test flight the next day, on 22/6/2009 (photo 21/6/2009)

Thanks to Ger Buskermolen (schipholspotter.blogspot.com) for the following photo.

Boeing 737 / SX-BGS / taxiing in AMS, ready for departure for a test flight on 22/6/2009 (photo 22/6/2009)

Thanks to MAS017 for the following photos.

Boeing 737 / N279AD / having its new registration of N279AD written on the fuselage (photo 26/6/2009)

Boeing 737 / N279AD / having its new registration, model and MSN written on the fuselage (photo 26/6/2009)

Thanks to Ger Buskermolen (schipholspotter.blogspot.com) for the following photo.

Boeing 737 / N279AD / parked in AMS waiting to be ferried to SDQ (photo 29/6/2009)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Athens special movements 20/6/2009 (day 2)

Last updated 2/7/2009 21:05

Following yesterday's special movements (see post), today we had more arrivals due the the opening of the New Acropolis Museum. As expected, the major movements were as follows:

Tupolev Tu-154M / LZ-BTZ / President of Bulgaria arriving in ATH

Dassault Falcon 50 / YU-BNA / parked in ATH after carrying the Serbian Prime Minister from BEG (Belgrade, Serbia)

Antonov An-124 / UR-82073 / will make a nightstop in ATH on it's flight from FIH (Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo) to GML (Hostomel, Ukraine)

Thanks to Panagiotis for the following photo.

Dassault Falcon 50 / F-RAFI / French Air Force

Also we had the following movements:
Private / Gulfstream G550 / HB-JEE
Private / Hawker 800XP / OD-EAS
Aeroflot Cargo / Boeing 737-3Y0(F) / VP-BCJ on a delivery flight from OSR (Ostrava, Czech Republic) to JIB (Djibouti City, Djibouti)
The Turkish Goverment Airbus A319 that was expected today, cancelled its flight.

Update 22/6/2009
Thanks to Vasilis for the following video of Antonov An-124 departure on Sunday 21/6/2009

Friday, June 19, 2009

Athens special movements 19/6/2009 (day 1)

Today and tomorrow Athens International Airport have many special movements due to the official opening of the New Acropolis Museum, which will be attended by many international guests (including Presidents, Prime Ministers, Ministers etc).
Some of today's most special movements were the following:

Boeing 767-300ER / B-2496 / carrying Mr. He Guoqiang on an official visit to Greece

Douglas DC-3 / C-FTGI / ferried from LXR (Luxor, Egypt) to SNN (Shannon, Republic of Ireland) via ATH and GOA (Genoa, Italy) operating for Antarctic Logistics Centre International (ALCI) Aviation

Lockheed L-100-30 Hercules / N3755P / Prescott Support

Other movements were:
Abu Dhabi Amiri Flight / Boeing 737-7Z5 BBJ / A6-DAS
Executive Jet Aviation Airbus / A318-112 Elite (CJ) / VP-CKH
Swiflite Aircraft Corp / Boeing 737-7EL (BBJ) / N90R
Rashid Engineering / Gulfstream G550 / VP-BNR
Rashid Engineering / Gulfstream G550 / VP-CNR
TAG Aviation Espana / Dassault Falcon 900C / EC-JBB
Air Service Li├Ęge (ASL) / Cessna 525B Citation CJ3 / OO-EDV
Aerostar / Dassault Falcon 20F / UR-NOA
London Executive Aviation / Cessna 550B Citation Bravo / G-IKOS
JetAir Flug GmbH / Learjet 60 / D-CJAF

Another similar post will be created for tomorrow's movements.
Just a preview of what it is expected for tomorrow:
1) Serbia Goverment - Dassault Falcon 50
2) Bulgarian Goverment - Tupolev 154M
3) Turkish Goverment - Airbus A319
4) Antonov Design Bureau - Antonov An-124

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Aegean Airlines launches flights between Athens and Istanbul

Aegean Airlines is launching flights between Athens and Istanbul effective September 9th (after 5 years of effort to acquire rights on the route, according to its CEO).

The flight schedule will be as follows :

1234567 ATH1400 - 1515IST A3970
1234567 IST1600 - 1720ATH A3971

All flights will be operated by Airbus A320

Flybe to wet lease 4 Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 to Olympic Air

Last updated 17/6/2009 20:50

Flybe has agreed with Olympic Air to provide 4 Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 in the form of wet lease (aircrafts with pilots, cabin crew and engineering support) for the start up period of August 2009 until September 2010. The aircraft will be based in Athens and will operate under the Flybe's AOC. They are expected to return to Flybe at the end of the lease period.
The Flybe press release is as follows:

Press Information: June 17th 2009


Flybe, Europe’s largest and most successful regional airline, is delighted and proud to announce its support for the summer start-up of Greek airline, Olympic Air.

By providing Olympic Air with four Bombardier Q400 aircraft, with pilots, cabin crew and engineering support, the deal is yet more evidence of Flybe’s growing reputation as a quality provider of professional ‘turn-key’ solutions in the global aviation market.

The ‘wet lease’ arrangement is from August 2009 until September 2010, at which point, the aircraft will return to Flybe. Based in Athens, the aircraft will become part of the New Olympic business and, operating under the Flybe Airline Operating Certificate (AOC), will be fully crewed by Flybe pilots and cabin crew and maintained by Flybe engineers.

The deal, which was officially announced at the prestigious Paris Air Show is the latest in a line of innovations which have highlighted Flybe’s ability to not only ride out the recession but place it in a position where it will emerge stronger and more competitive when the upturn arrives.

In what is a major extension of the Flybe brand, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Jim French says: “The partnership with Olympic Air is an exciting development for Flybe. Following on from our Air Transport World Regional Airline of the Year award, this is a major extension of the Flybe brand and is a very important milestone in Flybe’s development.”

He adds: “The Flybe business model has been a great success over the last eight years and as a result I am proud that we will be one of the very few airlines likely to
announce a profit for the 2008-09 financial year.

“Over the past 18 months or so, Flybe has been offered literally dozens of opportunities to start up or support start-ups globally all of which, until this one, we have declined. Flybe’s senior management team is 100% convinced that this partnership with Olympic Air is a tremendous opportunity and dovetails perfectly with our brand. We look forward to it being a great success.”

Update 17/6/2009
It is yet unknown exactly which Flybe Dash 8 Q400s will be ferried to ATH but it is confirmed that all four of them will be re-branded with the Olympic Air logos etc.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Lviv Airlines started Lviv - Athens scheduled flights

Lviv Airlines (5V/UKW) started on 7/6/2009 scheduled flights between LWO (Lviv, Ukraine) and ATH. The flight is scheduled to be operated once a week, every Sunday, with a Yak-42D. The exact schedule is as follows:
5V 457
10:00 - 12:30

5V 458
13:30 - 16:00

Yakovlev Yak-42 / UR-42369 / second time on scheduled flights to ATH, about to land on rwy 03L

Friday, June 12, 2009

List of Boeing 747s in Athens Airport (ATH/LGAV)

Last updated 26/9/2010 13:45

Here is a list with most of the Boeing 747s that have ever landed at Athens International Airport "Eleftherios Venizelos" (LGAV/ATH) since it's opening on 29/3/2001. The columns are: Registration, Model, Company, Remarks, Photo.
If a "Photo needed" appears in the last column it means that we know this plane landed in ATH but we don't have photographic confirmation. If anyone has one, please read the "Help / Contribute" section below the list on how you can help us confirm that.
This list is not complete. There are certainly some Boeing 747s that are not in it for various reasons (arrival/departure late at night, noone to report their arrival etc). If you know that one (or more) are not in this list, please read the "Help / Contribute" section as well.
Special thanks to Alex for creating this list and collecting all that important historical data.

The List

Reg Model Company Remarks Photo
20-1101 Boeing 747-400 JASDF - Japan Gvmt
20-1102 Boeing 747-400 JASDF - Japan Gvmt
4X-AXF Boeing 747-200 EL AL
4X-AXK Boeing 747-200F EL AL Cargo All white, only titles
4X-AXL Boeing 747-200F EL AL Cargo All white, only titles
4X-AXQ Boeing 747-200 EL AL New titles
4X-ELA Boeing 747-400 EL AL
4X-ELB Boeing 747-400 EL AL
4X-ELC Boeing 747-400 EL AL
4X-ELD Boeing 747-400 EL AL
4X-ELE Boeing 747-400 EL AL
4X-ELS Boeing 747-400 EL AL All white, only titles
5B-AUD Boeing 747-200 Air Universal
9G-MKJ Boeing 747-200C MK Airlines
9G-MKL Boeing 747-200F MK Airlines Silver c/s
9G-MKM Boeing 747-200F MK Airlines
9G-MKQ Boeing 747-200F MK Airlines
9V-SPL Boeing 747-400 Singapore AL
A6-MDG Boeing 747-200F MIDEX
A6-MMM Boeing 747-400 United Arab Emirates (gvmt)
A6-SMR Boeing 747 SP United Arab Emirates (gvmt)
A6-YAS Boeing 747-400 United Arab Emirates (gvmt)
B-18272 Boeing 747-400 China AL
B-2447 Boeing 747-400 Air China
B-2472 Boeing 747-400 Air China
D-ABTC Boeing 747-400 Lufthansa
D-ABYU Boeing 747-200F Ocean AL
D-ABZE Boeing 747-200 Air Pullmantur
D-ACG* Boeing 747-400BCF Air Cargo Germany
EC-IOO Boeing 747-300 Air Pullmantur
EC-IPN Boeing 747-200 Air Plus Comet
EC-IUA Boeing 747-200 Air Pullmantur Grey underside
EC-IZL Boeing 747-200 Air Plus Comet Grey underside
EC-JFR Boeing 747-200 Air Pullmantur
EC-JHD Boeing 747-200 Air Pullmantur
EC-JJG Boeing 747-200 Air Plus Comet
EC-KQC Boeing 747-400 Pullmantur Air
EC-KSM Boeing 747-400 Pullmantur Air
EC-KXN Boeing 747-400 Pullmantur Air
EC-LGL Boeing 747-400 Pullmantur Air
EK-74711 Boeing 747-200C Vertir AL Cargo
F-BPVY Boeing 747-200 Air France
F-GCBA Boeing 747-200 Air France
F-GCBH Boeing 747-200C Air France Asie Cargo
F-GCBJ Boeing 747-200 Air France
F-GCBM Boeing 747-200F Air France Cargo
F-GEXB Boeing 747-400 Air France
F-GISE Boeing 747-400BCF Air France Cargo
F-GPJM Boeing 747-200 Corsair
F-GSEX Boeing 747-300 Corsair Lips logo
F-GSKY Boeing 747-300 Corsair
F-GSUN Boeing 747-300 Corsair Sun logo
F-GTOM Boeing 747 SP Corsair
F-GTUI Boeing 747-400 Corsair Corsair.fr titles
F-HJAC Boeing 747-300 Corsair
F-HKIS Boeing 747-400 Corsair Corsairfly.com titles
F-HLOV Boeing 747-400 Corsair Corsairfly.com titles
F-HSEA Boeing 747-400 Corsair Corsairfly.com titles
F-HSEX Boeing 747-400 Corsair Corsairfly.com titles Photo needed
F-HSUN Boeing 747-400 Corsair Corsairfly.com titles
G-BDXE Boeing 747-200 Corsair European AL tail c/s
G-BDXF Boeing 747-200 Corsair European AL tail c/s
G-BNLL Boeing 747-400 British AW Chelsea rose tail c/s
G-GSSA Boeing 747-400F Global Supply Systems
G-GSSB Boeing 747-400F Global Supply Systems
G-GSSC Boeing 747-400F Global Supply Systems
G-MKHA Boeing 747-200F untitled Air China c/s, no titles
HL7428 Boeing 747-400 Asiana
HL7465 Boeing 747-400 Korean Air
HS-TGD Boeing 747-300 Thai Int´l AW
HS-TGE Boeing 747-300 Thai Int´l AW
HS-TGG Boeing 747-400 Thai Int´l AW
HS-TGH Boeing 747-400 Thai Int´l AW Add. "APEC Thailand 2003"titles
HS-TGJ Boeing 747-400 Thai Int´l AW Special Royal Barge c/s
HS-TGK Boeing 747-400 Thai Int´l AW
HS-TGM Boeing 747-400 Thai Int´l AW
HS-TGO Boeing 747-400 Thai Int´l AW Special Royal Barge c/s
HS-TGP Boeing 747-400 Thai Int´l AW
HZ-AI* Boeing 747-400 Saudi Arabian AL Photo needed
HZ-AIS Boeing 747-300 Saudi Arabian AL
I-DEMC Boeing 747-200C Alitalia Cargo
I-DEMR Boeing 747-200F Alitalia Cargo Photo needed
I-OCEA Boeing 747-200F Ocean AL
I-OCEU Boeing 747-200F Ocean AL All white, only titles/logo Photo needed
JA8075 Boeing 747-400 Japan AL
JA8077 Boeing 747-400 Japan AL
JA8079 Boeing 747-400 Japan AL
JA8085 Boeing 747-400 Japan AL
JA8086 Boeing 747-400 Japan AL
JY-AUB Boeing 747-200 untitled Lufthansa c/s, no titles/logo
N***** Boeing 747-200C Atlas Air Photo needed
N194UA Boeing 747-400 United AL Photo needed
N24837 Boeing 747-300F Atlas Air
N355MC Boeing 747-300F untitled Varig c/s,no titles/logo
N361FC Boeing 747-200C Focus Air
N408MC Boeing 747-400F Emirates Sky Cargo
N412MC Boeing 747-400F Atlas Air
N486EV Boeing 747-200C Evergreen Int'l AL
N497MC Boeing 747-400F Emirates Sky Cargo
N512MC Boeing 747-200C Atlas Air Photo needed
N522MC Boeing 747-200C Atlas Air
N524MC Boeing 747-200C Atlas Air
N540MC Boeing 747-200C Atlas Air Photo needed
N741CK Boeing 747-400BCF Kalitta Air
N747CK Boeing 747-200F Kalitta Air
N760SA Boeing 747-200F Southern Air New c/s
N783SA Boeing 747-200F Southern Air
N809MC Boeing 747-200F untitled All white,blue tail
PH-BFG Boeing 747-400 KLM Old c/s
PH-BFL Boeing 747-400 KLM New c/s
PH-BFN Boeing 747-400 KLM New c/s
PH-BUH Boeing 747-300F Martinair Cargo
PH-BUV Boeing 747-300 KLM
PH-CKA Boeing 747-400F KLM Cargo Photo needed
PH-MCE Boeing 747-200C Martinair
PH-MCN Boeing 747-200F Martinair Cargo
SE-RBH Boeing 747-200 TransJet Blue underside,tail in white
SE-RBP Boeing 747-200 TransJet
SU-GA* Boeing 747-300 Egyptair Photo needed
SX-DCB Boeing 747-200C Elite AL Cargo
SX-DIE Boeing 747-200 Hellenic Imperial AW
SX-FIN Boeing 747-200 Sky Express Aircargo Add.FINAVAL AVIATION titles
SX-OAC Boeing 747-200 untitled Olympic AW c/s, no titles/logo
SX-OAD Boeing 747-200 untitled Olympic AW c/s, no titles/logo Photo needed
SX-OAE Boeing 747-200 untitled Olympic AW c/s, no titles/logo Photo needed
SX-TIB Boeing 747-200 Hellenic Imperial AW
SX-TIC Boeing 747-200 Hellenic Imperial AW
SX-TID Boeing 747-200 Hellenic Imperial AW
SX-TIE Boeing 747-200 Hellenic Imperial AW
TF-AAB Boeing 747-200 untitled All white
TF-AME Boeing 747-300 Travel City Direct
TF-AMK Boeing 747-300 untitled All white
TF-ARG Boeing 747-200 untitled BA c/s,no titles/logo
TF-ARO Boeing 747-200 opb.Air Atlanta Athens 2004 Olympic Torch Relay c/s
TF-ARP Boeing 747-200F Air Atlanta Cargo
TF-ATC Boeing 747-200 Air Atlanta Europe
TF-ATD Boeing 747-200 Air Atlanta Icelandic All white,green tail
TF-ATF Boeing 747-100 Air Atlanta Icelandic
TF-ATN Boeing 747-200 untitled All silver
VH-EBW Boeing 747-300 Qantas
VH-OEF Boeing 747-400 Qantas
VH-OEJ Boeing 747-400 Qantas Special Wunala Dreaming c/s
VH-OJF Boeing 747-400 Qantas
VH-OJH Boeing 747-400 Qantas
VH-OJN Boeing 747-400 Qantas
VH-OJQ Boeing 747-400 Qantas
VP-BXC Boeing 747-200C Tesis Cargo ELAL old c/s, Tesis titles
VT-ESN Boeing 747-400 Air India

Help / Contribute
If you have evidence or information for Boeing 747s that arrived in ATH/LGAV that are not in the list above OR if you have a photo of a Boeing 747 that is on the list but has the "Photo needed" comment, please use the form on the right that says "Contact me" and send us that information. Since no attachments are available through this form, we will send you back an e-mail (double check your e-mail address in the form) in case you want to share your photo with us. If you find any errors or you have a correction, please use the "Contact me" form as well.

Update 20/7/2009
Added 3 more Boeing 747s that we find out that have visited Athens (HS-TGG, SE-RBP and JA8086)

Update 30/8/2009
Added 3 more B747s that arrived in Athens during the last month (JA8075, JA8077 and PH-CKA) and deleted SE-RBN which was confused with SE-RBH that was already in the list.

Update 26/9/2010
The list haven't been updated for a while and I put up a new one with many additions (too many to write each one of them) but I hope that this is representing the actual movements of 747s in Athens airport. Thanks again to Alex for maintaining this list and finding most of the "less known" past movements!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Etihad Airways uses A332 between Abu Dhabi and Athens

Etihad Airways appears to have increased capacity on AUH-ATH route and will operate the A332 instead of the A320 on selected days from July 10th till August 14th

The A332 will operate mainly on Sundays and Fridays.

Olympic Airlines flight 411 ATH-JFK returned to ATH due to emergency

Olympic Airlines flight OA411 from ATH to JFK had to return to ATH due to a No2 engine fire indication. The plane involved is the Airbus A340-300 registered SX-DFD. They had to dump fuel in order to reduce the plane's weight and be able to land safely. The plane landed without any problems at 13:50L on rwy 03R, using the whole runway length and making no use of thrust reversers. The emergency vehicles were not required to be on standby as the captain said. The flight is scheduled to depart again at 15:15L and be operated by Airbus A340-300 registered SX-DFB.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

LOT Boeing 737 registered SP-LLC in anniversary colors in Athens

LOT - Polish Airlines special anniversary plane registered SP-LLC came to ATH today on the scheduled flight from WAW (Warsaw, Poland). It's a Boeing 737-400 that is painted in all golden livery in order to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the end of communism in Poland and the first semi-free democratic elections which were held on June 4th 1989. The plane arrived as LO 603 at 15:05L and departed as LO 604 at 15:40.
Thanks to Vasilis for the photo and the video.

Boeing 737 / SP-LLC / about to depart from rwy 03L on it's way back to WAW

Elite Airlines Boeing 747 registered SX-DCB in Athens

Elite Airlines Boeing 747SR-81(F) registered SX-DCB arrived in ATH last night at 04:35L from Tehran, where it was making a fuel stop. It had departed earlier yesterday from CGK (Jakarta, Indonesia). It landed on runway 03R at 04:35L and parked on taxiway Z.

Boeing 747 / SX-DCB / parked on taxiway Z in ATH

Friday, June 5, 2009

Turkish Airlines flight THY 1153 on an emergency diversion to Athens

Tuskish Airlines flight THY 1153 from IST (Istanbul, Turkey) to ALG (Algiers, Algeria) declared a medical emergency and diverted to ATH a few minutes ago. It is also reported that there were clogged lavatories as well. The plane involved is an Airbus A340 registered TC-JII. It landed at 13:14L and is expected to depart in a few minutes to continue to ALG.

Airbus A340 / TC-JII / about to depart from rwy 03L at 15:05L

Elite Airlines Boeing 747 registered SX-DCB coming to Athens

Last updated 6/6 09:50

Elite Airlines Boeing 747SR-81(F) registered SX-DCB is scheduled to arrive in ATH today at 15:00L from CGK (Jakarta, Indonesia) via THR (Tehran, Iran). It was in CGK for heavy maintenance with GMF-Aeroasia (see post) and was seen on Wednesday being towed from the GMF hangar to a ramp near Terminal 2.

Update 5/6 17:30
There was an indefinite delay on the arrival of the plane. It is yet unknown when exactly it will be arriving but it should happen in the coming days.

Update 6/6 09:50
It arrived late last night at 04:35L from THR, calling as SX-DCB. Photo available (see post)

Thanks to Arimi Raldi for the following picture.

Boeing 747 / SX-DCB / being towed from hangar to a ramp in CGK on 3/6/2009

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Etihad Airways start Abu Dhabi - Athens flights

Etihad Airways (EY/ETD) started today scheduled flights between AUH (Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates) and ATH. The flight will be operated 3 times a week (Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays) as follows:
EY 091 09:15 - 13:05 *2**5*7
EY 090 14:30 - 20:00 *2**5*7
The route is scheduled to be served by an Airbus A320 with 20 Pearl Business Class and 120 Coral Economy Class seats.

Airbus A320 / A6-EIH / inaugural flight to ATH from AUH, about to land on rwy 21L