Thursday, September 3, 2009

Aegean Airlines Boeing 737s registered SX-BGH & SX-BGR in Athens

Aegean Airlines Boeing 737s registered SX-BGR and SX-BGH that were stored in NWI (Norwich, UK) during the previous months (see post), were ferried back to Athens. The first one (SX-BGR) arrived on July 30th and the second one (SX-BGR) arrived today. They arrived in Athens, probably to get ready for redelivery to their next operator (possible in the East/Middle East region).

Boeing 737 / SX-BGH / about to land in ATH, in brown primer color (photo 3/9/2009)

Boeing 737 / SX-BGR / parked in ATH in basic Aegean Airlines colors (photo 1/9/2009)

Boeing 737s / SX-BGR & SX-BGH / parked in ATH (photo 3/9/2009)

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