Tuesday, September 8, 2009

List & map of stored & wfu planes in old Athens airport (HEW/LGAT)

Below is a list of derelict and/or withdrawn from use planes that are currently in the old Athens airport (HEW/LGAT).

Reg Ex reg Model c/n Owner
SX-OAB None Boeing 747-200 20825 Olympic Airways
SX-BAR N1130J BAC 1-11 96 Hellenic C.A.A.
SX-CBA None Boeing 727-200 20003 Olympic Airways
SX-BCA None Boeing 737-200 21224 Olympic Airways
SX-AOS N224DR Cessna 421B 421B0570 South East European Airlines
SX-AAZ OY-BDK Piper PA-31 310 Navajo 31-604 Athens Air
SX-APU N4959T Cessna 411 411-0159 Athens Air
SX-APC N5251Y Piper PA-23-250 B Aztec 27-2310 Aviator Airways
SX-HDI N823C Bell 206B 976 Avionic
SX-BNE OY-BHN Piper PA-44-180T 44-8107012 Airman

On the following link you can also see a map of the airport with the exact location of each plane:


  1. SX-BAR N1130J BAC 1-11 96 Hellenic C.A.A.

    This one belonged to Hellenic Air that never became its AOC approved (back in 1992), and not the HCAA! ;) This was the first jet that became an SX- reg that didn't belonged to Olympic Airways's fleet!

    Filia Stefos! ;)


  2. Thanks Stefos for the info! I preferred to write Hellenic C.A.A. because this is what is written on the fuselage.

  3. I was at the Emmantina the day the 1-11 arrived in ATH from Hondo, Texas. It was flown across by a guy who I seem to remember was called Bruce - he also stayed in the Emmantina that week! We shared many beers and stories of 1-11's :)