Friday, September 11, 2009

Olympic Air Airbus A319 registered SX-OAO got painted at Shannon

Olympic Air Airbus A319 registered SX-OAO (ex D-APAD, c/n 1880) got painted on Wednesday at SNN (Shannon, Ireland) in the full Olympic Air colors and had the interior rearranged to standard layout. As has happened with SX-OAN that got painted a few days ago (see post), the circles on the tail are noticeable bigger than the previously painted planes. It is believed that Olympic Air has decided to have the circles painted bigger from now on, possibly to even repaint the tails of all already painted aircraft.
Two close-ups of the tail of both SX-OAO and SX-OAN are shown below. Thanks to Gerry McCready ( for the photos.

Airbus A319 / SX-OAO / just out of the paintshop in full OA colors (photo 10/9/2009)

Airbus A319 / SX-OAN / noticeable bigger circles on the tail of this A319 (photo 10/9/2009)

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