Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Olympic Airlines fleet parked in Athens

Almost the whole Olympic Airlines fleet is parked on taxiways "B" and "Z" in Athens, leaving the normal stands of the apron for the Olympic Air planes. All four Airbus A340s are parked now on taxiway "Z" and the rest of the fleet is on taxiway "B". The NOTAM regarding taxiway "B" closure has been updated, extending the period until November 30th 2009. It reads as follows:
"TWY B BTN TAXILINK A1 AND TAXILINK A7 CLOSED. 28 SEP 11:42 2009 UNTIL 30 NOV 23:59 2009. CREATED: 28 SEP 11:43 2009".
On taxiway "B" there are also a Sky Wings MD-83 registered SX-BTG, an Air Comet A320 registered EC-KIK and the 3 of Hellas Aviation Fokker 50s.

Airbus A340 / SX-DFD & SX-DFC & SX-DFA & SX-DFB/ parked on taxiway "Z" of Athens (photo 30/9/2009)

Almost the whole Boeing & ATR fleet of Olympic Airlines on taxiway "B" (photo 30/9/2009)

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  1. Are all these aircraft retired from Olympics fleet or will they fly a while with the new Olympic Air?
    Wish our neighbours and Olympic Air good luck!

    Yours sincerely,

    Hidayet Altin (TK1244)