Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Elite Airlines 747 SX-DCB & Hellenic Imperial Airways 747 SX-TIC parked in Jakarta

Elite Airlines Boeing 747SR-81(F) registered SX-DCB is confirmed to be parked in CGK (Jakarta, Indonesia) along with Hellenic Imperial Airways Boeing 747-200 registered SX-TIC. The pictures are not perfect due to obstacles but it's clear that these two airplanes were in Jakarta at least until 16/2/2009. The 747 of Hellenic Imperial Airways is currently undergoing a C-Check at GMF-Aeroasia's hangar in Jakarta Airport.
Thanks to Tsentsan for the photos
Boeing 747SR-81(F) / SX-DCB / Elite Airlines 747 parked in Jakarta

Boeing 747-200 / SX-TIC / Hellenic Imperial Airways 747 parked in Jakarta


  1. Confirmed that SX-TIC is there for a C-Check at GMF-Aeroasia

  2. MMM weird to see a Hellenic 747 in Indonesia even though there are 2 in this one frame! Dose would the 2 OA 747's that ended up in Jakata still be there too?

  3. SX-OAC and SX-OAE that were stored in Jakarta were scrapped.

  4. OK dose anyone have photos of the OA in Jakata?

  5. You mean before being scrapped or during the scrap procedure?