Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Olympic Airlines leased planes list for 2009

Last updated 26/9/2009 16:05

Olympic Airlines have wet leased 46 planes since 1/1/2009 in order to keep up with their schedule. Some of them were leased for just a few days and others are still flying for Olympic.
Here is the list of the planes used until today:
SX-BVL (Hellas Jet, Greece)
SX-BVD (Hellas Jet, Greece)
SX-DIZ (Astra Airlines, Greece)
LZ-BOV (Bulgaria Air, Bulgaria)
LZ-MDA (Air VIA, Bulgaria)
LZ-MDM (Air VIA, Bulgaria)
OM-HLA (Seagle Air, Slovakia)

Update 6/4/2009
Two more planes were used recently:
SX-BTG (Sky Wings, Greece)
LZ-MDT (Air VIA, Bulgaria)

Update 11/4/2009
The second A320 of Hellas Jet used also since today:
SX-BVK (Hellas Jet, Greece)

Update 12/4/2009
Another 737 from Bulgaria Air since today:
LZ-BOQ (Bulgaria Air, Bulgaria)

Update 15/4/2009
Another addition to the leased list since today:
EC-KBM (Air Comet, Spain)

Update 25/4/2009
The second MD-83 of Sky Wings is used as of today:
SX-BTF (Sky Wings, Greece)

Update 4/5/2009
Another Seagle Air plane is being used:
OM-HLC (Seagle Air, Slovakia)

Update 21/5/2009
Another Seagle Air plane used the last days (as of 19/5) and an Airbus A320 of Blue Wings as of tomorrow (22/5):
OM-HLB (Seagle Air, Slovakia)
D-ANNB (Blue Wings, Germany)

Update 22/5/2009
An Airbus A340 of Air Comet was used by Olympic Airlines (OA 248) today:
EC-KHU (Air Comet, Spain)

Update 29/5/2009
An Airbus A320 of Iberworld has been leased to operate certain Olympic Airlines flights today:
EC-IMU (Iberworld, Spain)

Update 4/6/2009
Another Airbus A320 of Iberworld has been used since yesterday by Olympic Airlines:
EC-JQP (Iberworld, Spain)

Update 5/6/2009
The second BAe 146 of Astra Airlines is being used today by Olympic Airlines:
SX-DIX (Astra Airlines, Greece)

Update 6/6/2009
A Boeing 737-300 of Titan Airways is scheduled to arrive at 15:05L today from STN to operate flights for Olympic Airlines:
G-ZAPZ (Titan Airways, UK)

Update 15/6/2009
The Airbus A320 registered YL-LCD of SmartLynx (ex LatCharter) is being used for selected flights today:
YL-LCD (SmartLynx, Latvia)

Update 16/6/2009
A Boeing 737-400 of CSA Czech Airlines will be used in today's schedule:
OK-WGX (CSA, Czech Republic)

Update 19/6/2009
The MD-83 registered OE-IKB of MapJet is expected to arrive this morning from VIE for Olympic:
OE-IKB (MapJet, Austria)

Update 24/6/2009
Another Airbus A320 of Air VIA is being used since today by Olympic Airlines:
LZ-MDB (Air VIA, Bulgaria)

Update 25/6/2009
Three new planes are being used today by Olympic Airlines:
OM-ASE (Air Slovakia, Slovakia)
OY-RUB (Danish Air Transport, Dennmark)
EC-KAD (Swiftair, Spain)

Update 29/6/2009
An MD-83 of Blue Line is leased for today:
F-GMLK (Blue Line, France)

Update 1/7/2009 16:30
The 30th leased plane by Olympic since 1/1/2009 is an Airbus A320 from CSA Czech Airlines. Also an ATR-72 of Swiftair will arrive later tonight.
OK-MEH (CSA, Czech Republic)
EC-KUL (Swiftair, Spain)

Update 11/7/2009
Another ATR-72 of Swiftair is being used since today.
EC-KVI (Swiftair, Spain)

Update 15/7/2009
An MD-83 of Swiftair if used today by Olympic Airlines.
EC-JQV (Swiftair, Spain)

Update 16/7/2009
A Boeing 757 of Privilege Style was used for the return flight from Madrid yesterday (OAL 248).
EC-HDS (Privilege Style, Spain)

Update 17/7/2009
An ATR-42 was leased today and arrived in ATH from KUN (Kaunas, Lithuania). Also another Air Comet plane will be used by OA for the OAL 248 flight today
LY-ARI (DOT LT, Lithuania)
EC-KUO (Air Comet, Spain)

Update 23/7/2009
Since today Olympic Airlines is being using an Airbus A320 of Seagle Air.
OM-HLD (Seagle Air, Slovakia)

Update 25/7/2009
The third MD-83 of Sky Wings has been used since yesterday as well.
SX-BTM (Sky Wings, Greece)

Update 1/8/2009
Another A320 of Air Comet was used yesterday by OA.
EC-KIK (Air Comet, Spain)

Update 11/8/2009
Olympic Air has subleased their first Dash-8 Q400 that they recently leased from Flybe to Olympic Airlines until 30/9/2009
G-ECOE (Olympic Air, Greece)

Update 13/8/2009
Another ATR42 for Olympic Airlines is being used today
LY-DOT (DOT LT, Lithuania)

Update 20/8/2009
Olympic Air has subleased their second Dash-8 Q400 to Olympic Airlines since yesterday to operate until 30/9/2009
G-FLBD (Olympic Air, Greece)

Update 8/9/2009
The third Dash-8 Q400 registered SX-OBA was leased since the last couple of days to Olympic Air
SX-OBA (Olympic Air, Greece)

Update 15/9/2009
The first Airbus A319 of Olympic Air, registered SX-OAJ, is being used on today's schedule by Olympic Airlines
SX-OAJ (Olympic Air, Greece)

Update 19/9/2009
Another Dash-8 Q400 of Olympic Air is being wetleased for a couple of days to Olympic Airlines
SX-OBB (Olympic Air, Greece)

Update 26/9/2009
Probably the last lease of Olympic Airlines, the 757 of Sky Wings
SX-BTH (Sky Wings, Greece)

BAe 146 / SX-DIX / the second plane of Astra Airlines (see post) operating for Olympic Airlines

Boeing 737-300 / LZ-BOV / in ATH flying for Olympic (all white with an Armeec sticker on the nose)


  1. Please note that A320 SX-BVD is no more in the hand of Hellas Jet as of Feb. 4 2009 time when a/c was de-registered SX...thanks to amend your page accordingly.

  2. Thank you for the comment Jérôme. I am aware that it is not in the HJ fleet anymore. The reason I have it in the list above is because when it was used by Olympic Airlines, it still was with Hellas Jet.

  3. Passengers today flying from ATH to HER Fl.No.510,refused to board this aircraft!
    no one was notified by OA that this flight would be operated by a wet lease aircraft!!!
    It looks too spooky they way it is,all white and dirty and with the crew not able to speak Greek!!!
    How safe are these tactics anyway?