Monday, March 9, 2009

Euroair MD-83 SX-BEU reregistered N848SH

Euroair MD-83 (ex SX-BEU) had it's new registration (N848SH) written on the fuselage sometime during the weekend. It had received it's new registration from FAA on 23/2/2009 but until last Friday (6/3/2009) it still had the Greek one written on it. The plane will go to Pegasus Aviation (San Francisco/Tucson, California, USA), one of the largest aircraft leasing companies in the world (recently acquired by AWAS).
Thanks to Alex for the photo.

MD-83 / N848SH / Ex SX-BEU got it's now registration


  1. N848SH departed Athens a few minutes ago heading south east of Athens, probably somewhere in Middle East or South Asia

  2. Flight departed to AYT (Antalya, Turkey)

  3. Arrived at Antalya airport Terminal 1 on 17:50L