Monday, March 30, 2009

Forca Aerea Brasileira Boeing VC-96 (737-200/Adv) 2115 in Athens

Forca Aerea Brasileira Boeing VC-96 (737-2N3/Adv) registered 2115 made a fuel stop in Athens this evening on it's way from LPA (Gran Canaria, Spain) to DOH (Doha, Qatar). The flight arrived as BRS2115 at 18:00L and departed around 19:45L. It is the second time in the last few days that a VC-96 of FAB makes a fuel stop in Athens. On 26/3 the other VC-96 (2116) came to ATH, following the opposite route. (See post) The president of Brasilia is visiting Doha in order to attend the South American-Arab Summit which is taking place there. It is certain that these flights have something to do with it (probably carrying officials or other personnel).
Boeing VC-96 / 2115 / second VC-96 of FAB in ATH the last few days

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