Monday, March 30, 2009

Elite Airlines 747 SX-DCB parked in Jakarta (Update)

Elite Airlines Boeing 747SR-81(F) registered SX-DCB is still parked in CGK (Jakarta, Indonesia) as the picture below shows. It was moved from it's parking position that was a few weeks ago and was brought forward, closer to the GMF hangar. This is where the 747 of Hellenic Imperial Airways (SX-TIC) used to be parked in the previous weeks. Probably the HIA 747 is in the GMF hangar for the C-Check. Does the movement of Elite Airlines' 747 mean that it's in the queue for the hangar for a check? We will find out shortly!
Thanks to Savvas for the photo
Boeing 747SR-81(F) / SX-DCB / Elite Airlines 747 brought forward, closer to the GMF hangar

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