Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Olympic Airlines leased planes list for 2009

Last updated 26/9/2009 16:05

Olympic Airlines have wet leased 46 planes since 1/1/2009 in order to keep up with their schedule. Some of them were leased for just a few days and others are still flying for Olympic.
Here is the list of the planes used until today:
SX-BVL (Hellas Jet, Greece)
SX-BVD (Hellas Jet, Greece)
SX-DIZ (Astra Airlines, Greece)
LZ-BOV (Bulgaria Air, Bulgaria)
LZ-MDA (Air VIA, Bulgaria)
LZ-MDM (Air VIA, Bulgaria)
OM-HLA (Seagle Air, Slovakia)

Update 6/4/2009
Two more planes were used recently:
SX-BTG (Sky Wings, Greece)
LZ-MDT (Air VIA, Bulgaria)

Update 11/4/2009
The second A320 of Hellas Jet used also since today:
SX-BVK (Hellas Jet, Greece)

Update 12/4/2009
Another 737 from Bulgaria Air since today:
LZ-BOQ (Bulgaria Air, Bulgaria)

Update 15/4/2009
Another addition to the leased list since today:
EC-KBM (Air Comet, Spain)

Update 25/4/2009
The second MD-83 of Sky Wings is used as of today:
SX-BTF (Sky Wings, Greece)

Update 4/5/2009
Another Seagle Air plane is being used:
OM-HLC (Seagle Air, Slovakia)

Update 21/5/2009
Another Seagle Air plane used the last days (as of 19/5) and an Airbus A320 of Blue Wings as of tomorrow (22/5):
OM-HLB (Seagle Air, Slovakia)
D-ANNB (Blue Wings, Germany)

Update 22/5/2009
An Airbus A340 of Air Comet was used by Olympic Airlines (OA 248) today:
EC-KHU (Air Comet, Spain)

Update 29/5/2009
An Airbus A320 of Iberworld has been leased to operate certain Olympic Airlines flights today:
EC-IMU (Iberworld, Spain)

Update 4/6/2009
Another Airbus A320 of Iberworld has been used since yesterday by Olympic Airlines:
EC-JQP (Iberworld, Spain)

Update 5/6/2009
The second BAe 146 of Astra Airlines is being used today by Olympic Airlines:
SX-DIX (Astra Airlines, Greece)

Update 6/6/2009
A Boeing 737-300 of Titan Airways is scheduled to arrive at 15:05L today from STN to operate flights for Olympic Airlines:
G-ZAPZ (Titan Airways, UK)

Update 15/6/2009
The Airbus A320 registered YL-LCD of SmartLynx (ex LatCharter) is being used for selected flights today:
YL-LCD (SmartLynx, Latvia)

Update 16/6/2009
A Boeing 737-400 of CSA Czech Airlines will be used in today's schedule:
OK-WGX (CSA, Czech Republic)

Update 19/6/2009
The MD-83 registered OE-IKB of MapJet is expected to arrive this morning from VIE for Olympic:
OE-IKB (MapJet, Austria)

Update 24/6/2009
Another Airbus A320 of Air VIA is being used since today by Olympic Airlines:
LZ-MDB (Air VIA, Bulgaria)

Update 25/6/2009
Three new planes are being used today by Olympic Airlines:
OM-ASE (Air Slovakia, Slovakia)
OY-RUB (Danish Air Transport, Dennmark)
EC-KAD (Swiftair, Spain)

Update 29/6/2009
An MD-83 of Blue Line is leased for today:
F-GMLK (Blue Line, France)

Update 1/7/2009 16:30
The 30th leased plane by Olympic since 1/1/2009 is an Airbus A320 from CSA Czech Airlines. Also an ATR-72 of Swiftair will arrive later tonight.
OK-MEH (CSA, Czech Republic)
EC-KUL (Swiftair, Spain)

Update 11/7/2009
Another ATR-72 of Swiftair is being used since today.
EC-KVI (Swiftair, Spain)

Update 15/7/2009
An MD-83 of Swiftair if used today by Olympic Airlines.
EC-JQV (Swiftair, Spain)

Update 16/7/2009
A Boeing 757 of Privilege Style was used for the return flight from Madrid yesterday (OAL 248).
EC-HDS (Privilege Style, Spain)

Update 17/7/2009
An ATR-42 was leased today and arrived in ATH from KUN (Kaunas, Lithuania). Also another Air Comet plane will be used by OA for the OAL 248 flight today
LY-ARI (DOT LT, Lithuania)
EC-KUO (Air Comet, Spain)

Update 23/7/2009
Since today Olympic Airlines is being using an Airbus A320 of Seagle Air.
OM-HLD (Seagle Air, Slovakia)

Update 25/7/2009
The third MD-83 of Sky Wings has been used since yesterday as well.
SX-BTM (Sky Wings, Greece)

Update 1/8/2009
Another A320 of Air Comet was used yesterday by OA.
EC-KIK (Air Comet, Spain)

Update 11/8/2009
Olympic Air has subleased their first Dash-8 Q400 that they recently leased from Flybe to Olympic Airlines until 30/9/2009
G-ECOE (Olympic Air, Greece)

Update 13/8/2009
Another ATR42 for Olympic Airlines is being used today
LY-DOT (DOT LT, Lithuania)

Update 20/8/2009
Olympic Air has subleased their second Dash-8 Q400 to Olympic Airlines since yesterday to operate until 30/9/2009
G-FLBD (Olympic Air, Greece)

Update 8/9/2009
The third Dash-8 Q400 registered SX-OBA was leased since the last couple of days to Olympic Air
SX-OBA (Olympic Air, Greece)

Update 15/9/2009
The first Airbus A319 of Olympic Air, registered SX-OAJ, is being used on today's schedule by Olympic Airlines
SX-OAJ (Olympic Air, Greece)

Update 19/9/2009
Another Dash-8 Q400 of Olympic Air is being wetleased for a couple of days to Olympic Airlines
SX-OBB (Olympic Air, Greece)

Update 26/9/2009
Probably the last lease of Olympic Airlines, the 757 of Sky Wings
SX-BTH (Sky Wings, Greece)

BAe 146 / SX-DIX / the second plane of Astra Airlines (see post) operating for Olympic Airlines

Boeing 737-300 / LZ-BOV / in ATH flying for Olympic (all white with an Armeec sticker on the nose)

Monday, March 30, 2009

Forca Aerea Brasileira Boeing VC-96 (737-200/Adv) 2115 in Athens

Forca Aerea Brasileira Boeing VC-96 (737-2N3/Adv) registered 2115 made a fuel stop in Athens this evening on it's way from LPA (Gran Canaria, Spain) to DOH (Doha, Qatar). The flight arrived as BRS2115 at 18:00L and departed around 19:45L. It is the second time in the last few days that a VC-96 of FAB makes a fuel stop in Athens. On 26/3 the other VC-96 (2116) came to ATH, following the opposite route. (See post) The president of Brasilia is visiting Doha in order to attend the South American-Arab Summit which is taking place there. It is certain that these flights have something to do with it (probably carrying officials or other personnel).
Boeing VC-96 / 2115 / second VC-96 of FAB in ATH the last few days

Elite Airlines 747 SX-DCB parked in Jakarta (Update)

Elite Airlines Boeing 747SR-81(F) registered SX-DCB is still parked in CGK (Jakarta, Indonesia) as the picture below shows. It was moved from it's parking position that was a few weeks ago and was brought forward, closer to the GMF hangar. This is where the 747 of Hellenic Imperial Airways (SX-TIC) used to be parked in the previous weeks. Probably the HIA 747 is in the GMF hangar for the C-Check. Does the movement of Elite Airlines' 747 mean that it's in the queue for the hangar for a check? We will find out shortly!
Thanks to Savvas for the photo
Boeing 747SR-81(F) / SX-DCB / Elite Airlines 747 brought forward, closer to the GMF hangar

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Emirates used an A340-300 to Athens (A6-ERP)

Surprisingly Emirates used an Airbus A340-300 on the today's EK 105/106 flights instead of the usual Boeing 777-300ER. It's one of the very few times that an Emirates A343 is coming to Athens. Fortunatelly, according to the Emirates website schedule, it is going to come again on 2/4, 4&5/4 and 8-12/4 on the EK 105/106 flights.
The full equipment schedule for EK 105/106 of April is as follow:
We 1/4 B772
Th 2/4 A343
Fr 3/4 A332
Sa 4/4 A343
Su 5/4 A343
Mo 6/4 B773ER
Tu 7/4 B773ER
We 8/4 A343
Th 9/4 A343
Fr 10/4 A343
Sa 11/4 A343
Su 12/4 A343
Mo 13/4 B773ER
Tu 14/4 B772
We 15/4 B773ER
Th 16/4 B773ER
Fr 17/4 B773ER
Sa 18/4 B773ER
Su 19/4 B772
Mo 20/4 until the end of April B773ER
The second daily flight to DXB (Dubai, United Arab Emirates), EK 103/104, is scheduled to be operated always with an Airbus A330-200.
Airbus A340-300 / A6-ERP / the rarely used A343 departing from Athens airport

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Iraqi Airways launch weekly Baghdad Athens Stockholm flight

Iraqi Airways (IA/IAW) launched today a weekly flight from Baghdad to Stockholm via Athens. The inbound flight from Baghdad is IA 245 and the return flight is IA 246. Currently it is scheduled to be operated with 737-300, leased from Seagle Air.
The fares for an adult on the Baghdad-Athens route are:
Economy Class Y / CL
$420 One way, $700 Return
Business C / CL
$675 One Way, $885 Return
The flight from Baghdad arrives in Athens at 13:00L. The outbound flight to Baghdad departs at 01:00L. The Athens-Stockholm-Athens part of the route is not on sale.
Boeing 737-300 / OM-HLB / operating the first flight of Iraqi Airways to Athens

Forca Aerea Brasileira Boeing VC-96 (737-200/Adv) 2116 in Athens

Forca Aerea Brasileira Boeing VC-96 (737-2N3/Adv) registered 2116 made a fuel stop in Athens this evening on it's way from DOH (Doha, Qatar) to LPA (Gran Canaria, Spain). The flight arrived as BRS2116 at 18:00L and is scheduled to depart in a few minutes.
Boeing VC-96 / 2116 / about to land in Athens Airport

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hellas Jet A320 SX-BVD stored in Riga

Hellas Jet Airbus A320 registered SX-BVD has been confirmed to be stored in RIX (Riga, Latvia) since 25/1/2009 when it was returned to it's lessor (Pembroke Capital). Parts of the No. 2 engine are missing and it is covered with a garment.
Thanks to eliasson for the photo
Airbus A320 / SX-BVD / put in storage by Hellas Jet in Riga

Monday, March 23, 2009

Euroair MD-83 SX-BEV parked in Malmo

Euroair last MD-83 (after the recent departure of SX-BEU to Antalya) registered SX-BEV is confirmed to be parked outside of Priority Air Maintenance (PAM) hangar in MMX (Malmo, Sweden) from 14/10/2008 until today. It was returned to Pegasus Aviation since EuroAir ceased operations when they had their AOC suspended on 16/3/2009.
Thanks to Johnny for the photo
MD-83 / SX-BEV / Parked in MMX

Friday, March 20, 2009

Hellas Jet took delivery of another A320 (SX-BVK)

Hellas Jet has taken delivery of a new Airbus A320 (c/n 88) registered N9070N. The plane will follow this route to Athens airport:
RME (Griffiss, NY) STD 20/3/2009 16:10Z
BGR (Bangor, ME) STA 20/3/2009 17:08Z, STD 20/3/2009 19:25Z
SNN (Shannon, Ireland) STA 21/3/2009 00:34Z, STD 21/3/2009 unk time
ATH STA 21/3/2009 06:00Z
It is reported that the plane is already in full Hellas Jet colors. Upon arrival it will be reregistered to SX-BVK. It's name is "Orion" and was leased from AeroTurbine (an AerCap subsidiary).
Airbus A320 / N9070N / Hellas Jet latest A320 arrived in Athens (still with the N registration, in full colors)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Aegean Airlines took delivery of the 16th new A320 (SX-DVX)

Aegean Airlines took delivery of the 16th A320 (out of 17 ordered) today. The plane is registered SX-DVX (c/n 3829) and arrived as A3 017F from TLS at 14:00L
Airbus A320 / SX-DVX / delivery of the 16th new A320

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Elite Airlines 747 SX-DCB & Hellenic Imperial Airways 747 SX-TIC parked in Jakarta

Elite Airlines Boeing 747SR-81(F) registered SX-DCB is confirmed to be parked in CGK (Jakarta, Indonesia) along with Hellenic Imperial Airways Boeing 747-200 registered SX-TIC. The pictures are not perfect due to obstacles but it's clear that these two airplanes were in Jakarta at least until 16/2/2009. The 747 of Hellenic Imperial Airways is currently undergoing a C-Check at GMF-Aeroasia's hangar in Jakarta Airport.
Thanks to Tsentsan for the photos
Boeing 747SR-81(F) / SX-DCB / Elite Airlines 747 parked in Jakarta

Boeing 747-200 / SX-TIC / Hellenic Imperial Airways 747 parked in Jakarta

Athens Airways to take delivery of the third ERJ-145 (SX-CMC)

Athens Airways will take delivery of their third ERJ-145 on Thursday 19/3/2009. The plane will depart from EXS (Exeter, England) and make a refuelling stop at AOI (Ancona, Italy) before landing at ATH. The plane will be delivered probably under it's UK registration (G-EMBL) and will then be reregistered as SX-CMC. The name of the plane will be "Nikos Kessanlis" (Νίκος Κεσσανλής). Athens Airways ERJ-145s are leased from Aircraft Solutions (transactions arranged by Airstream International Group).
ERJ-145 / SX-CMC / Athens Airways third ERJ-145 in Athens

Monday, March 16, 2009

Sky Wings MD-83 SX-BTG back in Athens

Sky Wings MD-83 registered SX-BTG has returned to Athens today since mid November 2008 when it left for IST (heavy maintenance, Viking to Sky Wings logo/title change) and then ARN. It was leased to MCA Airlines and was used mainly for charter flights from Stockholm (including a weekly flight to Iraq) until March/April/May 2009 when their scheduled flights are expected to start with a new Airbus A321. It's yet unknown if the arrival in Athens was a charter flight or a ferry flight due to lease end.
MD-83 / SX-BTG / Sky Wings MD-83 back in Athens

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Privilege Style Boeing 752-200 registered EC-HDS with Villarreal logo and sticker

Privilege Style Boeing 752-200 registered EC-HDS was seen in Athens airport with a Villarreal F.C. logo and sticker on the fuselage. The plane brought the football team of Villarreal to Athens on Sunday at 21:20L as PVG7991. In the past this plane had many football related stickers and logos applied on it as it usually carries spanish football teams and fans.
Boeing 757-200 / EC-HDS / wearing Villarreal F.C. logo and sticker

Monday, March 9, 2009

Euroair MD-83 SX-BEU reregistered N848SH

Euroair MD-83 (ex SX-BEU) had it's new registration (N848SH) written on the fuselage sometime during the weekend. It had received it's new registration from FAA on 23/2/2009 but until last Friday (6/3/2009) it still had the Greek one written on it. The plane will go to Pegasus Aviation (San Francisco/Tucson, California, USA), one of the largest aircraft leasing companies in the world (recently acquired by AWAS).
Thanks to Alex for the photo.

MD-83 / N848SH / Ex SX-BEU got it's now registration

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Condor 6334 emergency diversion to Athens

At around 19:00L (7/3/2009) Condor flight 6334 (calling as CFG 334) from Frankfurt to Dubai had to divert to Athens airport due to a weather radar problem. The plane did a holding over KEA VOR in order to burn some fuel before landing in Athens. 263 passengers and 8 crew members were on board. The aircraft involved is Boeing 757-300 registered D-ABOJ. Another aircraft was ferried to Athens to take the passengers and continue to Dubai. This (ferry) flight was DE 902 (Boeing 757-300 registered D-ABOE). The flight with the passengers departed Athens at 01:00L (8/3/2009) as DE 6334 heading to Dubai. The plane with the emergency (D-ABOJ) left Athens as DE 903 at 03:45L (8/3/2009) heading back to FRA.
Boeing 757-300 / D-ABOJ / the same plane on a previous emergency in Athens when hit by a lighting (19/5/2007)

Friday, March 6, 2009

SkyEurope using ex FlyLAL 737-500

SkyEurope has dry leased two ex FlyLAL Boeing 737-500 (registered LY-AWF and LY-AWG) which operate all white with no titles or logos. Recently SkyEurope has returned 6 Boeing 737-700NG that was using to their lessor (GECAS) and had problems with being short of planes. It is expected to lease more planes in the near future in order to be able to fulfill the summer schedule.

Boeing 737-500 / LY-AWF / ex FlyLAL leased to SkyEurope

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The 3rd A321 for Aegean enroute to Athens

The third Airbus A321 for Aegean (SX-DVZ, c/n 3820) is about to land on runway 03R in Athens, arriving as AEE016 from XFW (Hamburg Finkenwerder Airport).
Airbus A320 / SX-DVZ / the latest A321 of Aegean on scheduled flight just 3 days after delivery

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Emergency diversion of Jet2 2113 in Athens

The flight of Jet2.com 2113 from Manchester (MAN) to Taba, Egypt (TAB) had to divert to Athens due to an emergency on Monday, March 2nd 2009. Captain declared an emergency due to a rapid depressurization. The plane was carrying 183 passengers and 9 crew members. ATC gave priority to this flight and was vectored for landing on runway 21L in Athens. After a safe landing at around 15:30L, a few passengers had to be taken to hospital since they had problems with their ears due to the depressurization. The plane involved is a Boeing 757-200 registered G-LSAA.

Boeing 757-200 / G-LSAA / emergency landing in Athens

Aegean SX-DVJ took it's name "Exelixis"

Aegean Airbus A320 SX-DVJ finally got it's name. It was known for a long time that this will be the name of this aircraft but it wasn't until now that it was written on it's nose.

Airbus A320 / SX-DVJ / "Exelixis" name added

EC-ICU & EC-IVU left ATH going to IKA

Both Elite Airlines (?) Airbus A320s that were in Athens the last few days departed all white, without any logos for IKA (Tehran - Imam Khomeini International Airport).
ex EC-ICU left on February 27th as VRZ1101 (registered EK-32303)
ex EC-ICV left on February 28th as VRZ1103 (registered EK-32312)

Airbus A320 / EK-32303 / departing ATH for IKA